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The "Gaming Partner" makes its debut on Coludik

Not long ago I mentioned that I would not develop such a feature because others already do. Indeed, many sites can be used to search for gaming partners such as forums (ludovox, trictrac, cwowd, boardgamegeek, ...), local or well-known facebook groups, or specialized platforms (myludo, megalithe). Yes, but here we are, some of you are asking me for such a feature integrated into Coludik, and for my part I feel like I am missing something. And it makes a lot of sense: Coludik has a strong philosophy of sharing; why only talk about sharing board games when we can also include sharing the good ...

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New features for the autumn

As you know, I recently launched a collaborative initiative to translate the site into English. Some of you answered present for the home page and the various sections of the FAQ and they saved me time. A big thank you for that. I have translated all the other pages of the platform, all the little messages that appear here and there in response to your actions and all the transactional emails. Big job. As for the flyer, it is my American neighbour who will take care of it. The overall quality of the whole is average / good, in the sense that it's easy to see that it is translated by French ...

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Collaborative translation of the site into English

I think it is time to think about offering Coludik to the English-speaking world, on the one hand because here in Quebec, where this project was born, we are directly concerned and on the other hand because there is also, in the rest of the world, so many games which just wait to be shared. An entirely new community will also bring a new enthusiasm for the platform and this must not be overlooked.

But the task is huge because the amount of text is far from negligible. My level of English is also not up to par. So I need people who are doing very well in Shakespeare's language and I would like ...

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