The relationship between Jancovici, frugality and board games

Our fellow Jean-Marc Jancovici has been repeating it for a while, since the day he wanted to define the word frugality in relation to energy savings. He tells us that we can make these savings in 3 different ways, thanks to:

  1. Efficiency. Here we make the production and use of a product (or a service) more energy efficient. In the end, we, the consumers at the end of the chain, can continue to use the product without change.

  2. Frugality. It is by a voluntary choice that the person or the community decides to use the product less. There has been a saving. The ideal is to have chosen this change so ...

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Major update

You can't connect to Coludik anymore ? You're in the right place.

When I developed Coludik in 2018, I used the server-side technology I knew at the time, which was the Microsoft stack with Asp.Net MVC, hosted on Azure. Since then, this code has become quite outdated. So it was time for me to learn Asp.Net Core, for Coludik and all my other projects. I've been working on it for several months and today is the big day. You have in front of you the new updated code.

As for the use of the site itself, for you, nothing changes, except one very important point. There may also be some new bugs. If you ...

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Nettoyage de printemps

This article has not been translated into english. By clicking the title, you can read the french version.

Coludik gets a makeover on smartphones

Coludik was first a site made for computers and big screens. Then I made sure the tablets looked good. In the meantime, minor adaptations were made for mobiles. At the time, we were mainly talking about resizing and the result, although functional, didn't look very "smartphony". So why not take advantage of a confinement to rework the whole mobile interface and finally give you an experience worthy of an application while remaining a website. That's what I'm proposing with today's major update.

This work required rewriting the whole presentation of the pages while keeping the same ...

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