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Coludik fête ses 1 an - Événement à Montréal !

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Subscriptions: present and future

I would like to express a big thank you to all those who are thinking of encouraging my work through a subscription, whether they have found a partner to play close to home, whether they have been able to borrow their first game, or whether they simply feel that the initiative deserves to exist in order to create virtuous habits in the great unknown that is the sustainable world we have to imagine for tomorrow.

Here is a small transparent 2019 report: I spent 386$ for the web site and database hosting, and 363$ for the promotion (flyers, vertical banner, ad, travel to a gaming convention). ...

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A better way to discuss between users

For those who don't remember, today's Coludik (i.e. the web platform) is based on yesterday's Coludik, the one that was going to offer you boardgames co-buying and that never worked. In those days, the chat panel for a given game allowed co-buyers to talk to each other and it was necessary to impose such a separation between games. By migrating to the new Coludik, I kept this small chat module which then became a private discussion between 2 users for a shared game.

Then I added the Gaming Partner feature with another chat panel. But as it doesn't refer to any game, there is again a separate ...

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December news on Coludik

As I had announced it on Facebook, December was supposed to be a month with no big developments, so I put my energy into optimizations and lots of little TODOS left all over the existing code. But after a few days, I already had the desire to add missing features or to fix the ones that were a bit flawed. So I developed the 3 following points (sorry for the screenshots in french):

  1. Discussions tab

With the Gaming Partner option, you can be contacted on your profile and you can initiate the dialogue with other users. That makes potentialy lots of discussions. Apart from notifications of new ...

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