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December news on Coludik

As I had announced it on Facebook, December was supposed to be a month with no big developments, so I put my energy into optimizations and lots of little TODOS left all over the existing code. But after a few days, I already had the desire to add missing features or to fix the ones that were a bit flawed. So I developed the 3 following points (sorry for the screenshots in french):

  1. Discussions tab

With the Gaming Partner option, you can be contacted on your profile and you can initiate the dialogue with other users. That makes potentialy lots of discussions. Apart from notifications of new ...

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Win the game Dreamscape on Coludik

With the gaming shout available since yesterday on the platform and to highlight the 12H Ludique convention in Repentigny where I met around 300 players, I think it is time to run a new contest. This time, the winner will get a box of Dreamscape and not a basic one: the Kickstarter's All In pledge, aka Sleepwalker. I would like to thank Florian Gigot from the publisher Sylex for this great prize, which seems exceptional to me. The game has therefore earned itself a prominent place on Coludik's visuals. For example, share the site's homepage on facebook and this is the game that will appear ...

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The gaming shout - your message to the community

Coludik is launching today the gaming shout, a simple way to reach out to other members of the platform. The shout is a geolocalized message that you place where it makes sense to you (a megaphone shaped button has been added on the map to shout). It is attracting (pulsing icon) and gives you chances to be read. Its visibility on the map is temporary (7 days) but it will continue to live under your profile if you don't delete it. It is possible to use one of 7 proposed categories (one of them being a catch-all) for a better reading of the map.

About one or several games.For your contests and ...
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Coludik fera son show aux "12H ludiques"

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