Coludik gets a makeover on smartphones


Coludik was first a site made for computers and big screens. Then I made sure the tablets looked good. In the meantime, minor adaptations were made for mobiles. At the time, we were mainly talking about resizing and the result, although functional, didn't look very "smartphony". So why not take advantage of a confinement to rework the whole mobile interface and finally give you an experience worthy of an application while remaining a website. That's what I'm proposing with today's major update.

This work required rewriting the whole presentation of the pages while keeping the same urls (no need to go to another site like and the same code architecture. And of course we had to keep the existing UI for the computers. I'm quite happy with the result but having limited means to test it live, I'm asking for your help to browse the site on your own phone and report anything that sucks on the graphics or behavior. You'll be able to do a part of it now and another one, more deeply, when you'll share games again after the lockdown.

Here's what's changed. From the homepage, you will notice this little navigation bar at the bottom. It's contextual to whether you're logged in or not, and it's supposed to disappear if you scroll down. Without an account, you can explore or sign in.

On the map, the user list now slides from the bottom and its height is adjustable. It is always accessible. A search button in the top left corner still allows you to search by location or by game. In the latter case, the results are presented to you full screen. Closing the list returns you to exploration mode.

Clicking on a player now takes you to a page with 4 tabs (by the way, Frédéric, it's time to clean up your 36 notifications):

  1. The profile is now more pleasant to view full page. You can easily find the player's external accounts, if he is a gaming partner, his comments and terms of use. At a glance, you can see the games he plays and his lending and borrowing activity.
  2. The list of his shared games.
  3. A separate panel for discussion with him.
  4. The shouts he made.

From the bottom navigation bar, you can access your dashboard, also divided into several tabs:

  1. Your games. If you've just arrived and haven't shared anything yet, the message is big and clear: add your games. Even if you've only come to meet other players, sharing is the whole basis of this platform. Go for it, at least a little bit!
  2. The games you borrow. By clicking on one of them, you make 3 sub-tabs appear. The borrowing status is shown even more clearly than before. One page is dedicated to information found externally on BGG and Youtube, and another allows you to discuss.
  3. All your ongoing discussions.
  4. All your active shouts.
  5. Your favorites have migrated from the exploration page (the map) to your dashboard. That makes a lot more sense.

With a site that now looks more like an app, I hope you'll enjoy browsing Coludik from your phone. I look forward to your comments and constructive criticism to always do better.

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