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to the rule

With thousands of games being developed every year, we buy box after box and spend money almost without thinking about the games that will collect dust on our shelves. Nevermind the ecological impact of this blunder, in an era where we must rethink our relationship to objects and our consumption habits.

Coludik has the perfect solution:
Lending, borrowing, trusting outsiders, these traditional practices are now making sense again. Whether you are a passionate board gamer, or just a beginner hobbyist, you will find great fun and huge benefits to play with new games that members are willing to lend, and in turn offer yours.

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It’s possible to lend your board games and explore those available to be borrowed without spending a penny. We only need your approximate location to let you join a great community of sharing players.

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Add the games you wish to share. You define your own terms as well as the number of shared games you are willing to handle. Offering games is a great way to attract new members in your neighborhood!

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Watch for new users in your vicinity and browse the games they share. If there is no one available right now, don't wait and share Coludik in your communities of players and non-players.

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As soon as you are ready to borrow one or more games from other members, it is time to upgrade to an annual subscription. You choose the fee! Whatever amount you pay, you allow this site to exist (development, maintenance, production, member support).

Swap your games
A logical next step

Damien has finished playing his first Unlock game with his family. Now that the adventure is over and solved, he would like to get rid of it and wet his feet in the Undo series he’s heard so much about (or another Unlock... he is not too picky). Therefore, he tags his game as available for trading on Coludik. A little later, Anne, who just joined, tags a similar type of game she finished. These two are a great match. Anne would also like to trade her Agricola (she’s seen all the game has to offer), for Caverna. She will continue to share it with other members until she finds the ideal exchange.

Gaming partners
Don't only share games. Share good times too.

You may be one of the many players who are looking for other enthusiasts, in your area, for a single game or over the long term.

Coludik now offers you the opportunity to create a profile to simply say who you are and what you are looking for, as well as an option to let other members contact you.

I'm a gaming partner

Your user page no longer just displays the games you share. It now becomes a real profile that you can share on social networks or in your forum posts' signature.
Your avatar on the map will also show your new status:

the shout
A way to power your voice
on Coludik

The shout is a geolocalized message that you send to the community and that will appear on the users map. No one around you will be able to miss it. A few categories are there to help readers identify its content, but you can of course deviate from it. Here are some examples of messages:

This game is so good. Does anyone have it and would share it?
A contest, a contest. Earn this, this and even that!
Don't miss the biggest board gaming convention in the area!
We have a big game night on Saturday. Please join us.
I feel generous. I have this goodies for you.
Looking for a gaming partner desperately....
I read this excellent article on BoardGameGeek. Don't miss it.
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