Major update


You can't connect to Coludik anymore ? You're in the right place.

When I developed Coludik in 2018, I used the server-side technology I knew at the time, which was the Microsoft stack with Asp.Net MVC, hosted on Azure. Since then, this code has become quite outdated. So it was time for me to learn Asp.Net Core, for Coludik and all my other projects. I've been working on it for several months and today is the big day. You have in front of you the new updated code.

As for the use of the site itself, for you, nothing changes, except one very important point. There may also be some new bugs. If you find any, I invite you to let me know.

The important point is the connection to your account. Because the new technology doesn't work as before on this subject, your password has become unusable. The solution is very simple: on the login page, ask for a password reset by clicking the "forgot?" link.

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