Subscriptions: present and future


I would like to express a big thank you to all those who are thinking of encouraging my work through a subscription, whether they have found a partner to play close to home, whether they have been able to borrow their first game, or whether they simply feel that the initiative deserves to exist in order to create virtuous habits in the great unknown that is the sustainable world we have to imagine for tomorrow.

Here is a small transparent 2019 report: I spent 386$ for the web site and database hosting, and 363$ for the promotion (flyers, vertical banner, ad, travel to a gaming convention). Total: 749$. At the same time, you donated $752 (from 51 people, an average of $14.75), which is still a pretty incredible chance. We can therefore say that the production and marketing costs for the past year are reimbursed! But, as you may have understood, the time I spend developing and maintaining the platform is not yet taken into account. And I'm not even telling you about the initial development. So there is still a long way to go before I can ensure the viability of Coludik.

Let me be clear, I'm not expecting any kind of pay for the hours I spend in front of my keyboard. But I do aspire to simply make people see the merits and value of such a citizens' initiative. For my part, I am a padawan of degrowth. I try to consume less and better so that I can work less and find quality time that serves me and my family. And when I work, I do it passionately in domains that make sense. Coludik is currently an important part of my life. PlantCatching, which has been somewhat neglected for the past 3 years, should be back in full force soon and it will also require a lot of work (if you are curious, this time it will be through a socio-financing campaign that I hope to achieve this). Apart from that, because I like to learn and act in multiple fields, I sell a small keyboard utility called Keyxpat and I also introduce children and adults to flying light planes on flight simulators. From time to time, a web development contract also helps to ensure the back end.

And meanwhile, like everyone else, the bills and taxes just keep falling. This is where you come in so that, while I offer you services of public interest that advocate sharing, solidarity and resilience, I can not get rich, but simply live and support my family. 2020 will be a test of whether Coludik is growing or stagnating. To this end, as we approach the first anniversary of the site, I will soon be installing a small reminder banner. Even if you haven't yet borrowed a game or met partners, I invite you to support Coludik (by choosing at least the suggested amount).

As you know by now, the important choices we make are political. And just as there is no courage to transform society on the political side, our choices are the means to make real change. As far as my family is concerned, it's been a year since we chose not to eat meat anymore and we buy part of our vegetables from a local farmer. We no longer have a car. To take an example in the field that interests you, I decided (and this is very recent) not to buy new board games lightly, if at all. That's Maxime, a Coludik user I met during a game exchange, who persuaded me simply by telling me about his own decision and experience. All this to make you think of your support for Coludik as just another political choice. You encourage local sharing, non-profit relationships and thus solidarity between individuals, as well as the re-use of consumer products that are games, while at the same time sending a clear message to the economic world of gaming that is getting out of control in a way that I don't find pretty.

I thank you in advance.

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