A better way to discuss between users


For those who don't remember, today's Coludik (i.e. the web platform) is based on yesterday's Coludik, the one that was going to offer you boardgames co-buying and that never worked. In those days, the chat panel for a given game allowed co-buyers to talk to each other and it was necessary to impose such a separation between games. By migrating to the new Coludik, I kept this small chat module which then became a private discussion between 2 users for a shared game.

Then I added the Gaming Partner feature with another chat panel. But as it doesn't refer to any game, there is again a separate chat between 2 people (and this chat becomes a new object in the database). Now take these same 2 people who share games, let's say in both directions. That makes X number of independent chat panels which, most of the time, are useless because the 2 people will end up communicating only in one of the corresponding web pages (the game page where the contact was initially made). Since I'm a big Coludik user myself, it recently jumped out at me.

So it was time to remedy what had become an ergonomic problem. This multitude of possible conversations is completely non-intuitive. From this day on, there will only be one conversation between 2 people (only one object in the database). Whether you are on a user's profile or on the page of one of his games that he shares with you, you will see the same dialogue in progress. This dialog remains in the database even when a game is returned. You can therefore find it on the page of another game being shared, on a future borrowed game or on the user's profile.

Now that this is done and we have something more consistent, my next job will be to determine the longevity of a conversation. Coludik is not a chat platform. So I'm not going to do like on Messenger and keep the messages for ever. For more digital sobriety, i.e. less storage, I will have to find a way to prune what is too old. But we'll talk about that later.

Note that for those who had multiple conversations with the same user, I migrated everything into a single object keeping the timestamp of each message. So it might not make much sense if you go back through your writing history, but at least it's all there.

All this was a pretty big change so don't hesitate to contact me if you see something wrong with your discussions.

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