Win the game Dreamscape on Coludik


With the gaming shout available since yesterday on the platform and to highlight the 12H Ludique convention in Repentigny where I met around 300 players, I think it is time to run a new contest. This time, the winner will get a box of Dreamscape and not a basic one: the Kickstarter's All In pledge, aka Sleepwalker. I would like to thank Florian Gigot from the publisher Sylex for this great prize, which seems exceptional to me. The game has therefore earned itself a prominent place on Coludik's visuals. For example, share the site's homepage on facebook and this is the game that will appear for everyone. Yes, yes, go ahead now, you'll see! ;)

As for the last contest, the idea is to boost the activity on Coludik. So here's what you'll need to do to have a chance to win:

  • Have an account.
  • Share several of your games and make them available (i.e. without any lock).

Optionally, you can also do one or more of the following points, each of which gives you an extra chance:

  • Start a shout (something real and meaningful on the platform).
  • Support Coludik with a subscription where you choose the price.
  • Borrow or swap at least one game before the end of the contest (it's ok if you already did it in the past).
  • Write a message in your profile.
  • Be a gaming partner.

The draw will take place on November 16 at noon, Montreal time. Good luck to all of you.

I leave you with a very original open the box of Dreamscape, based on origamis.

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