The gaming shout - your message to the community


Coludik is launching today the gaming shout, a simple way to reach out to other members of the platform. The shout is a geolocalized message that you place where it makes sense to you (a megaphone shaped button has been added on the map to shout). It is attracting (pulsing icon) and gives you chances to be read. Its visibility on the map is temporary (7 days) but it will continue to live under your profile if you don't delete it. It is possible to use one of 7 proposed categories (one of them being a catch-all) for a better reading of the map.

About one or several games. For your contests and sweepstakes. About small and big gaming events. Use this if you organize private games at home or in groups. To give games, goodies, time, ... About gaming partners. Are you still looking for some? Free category, still about gaming.

Thanks to the shout you will be able to call out to others about the game you would like to borrow but which seems to be unavailable around you, about goodies you can't use and that you wish to give or about the game night you are organizing. The Coludik spirit always remains and the content of the messages must adhere to the terms of use (you will hear from me if you shout anything irrelevant ;) ).

This feature is an experiment and I think it is not done anywhere else, at least not in the board gaming world. Its goal is to further increase interactions between users and the notion of a strong community. A discussion board may have been desired by some, but it is not a path I want to explore.

The shout is probably not perfect, so I would like to make it evolve according to your wishes. Do not hesitate to submit your ideas. First, you could tell me if a shout should appear in your notification center in addition to the map, or if those who support Coludik could receive a notification email when a user shouts near them. The future of shouting is yours.

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