New features for the autumn


As you know, I recently launched a collaborative initiative to translate the site into English. Some of you answered present for the home page and the various sections of the FAQ and they saved me time. A big thank you for that. I have translated all the other pages of the platform, all the little messages that appear here and there in response to your actions and all the transactional emails. Big job. As for the flyer, it is my American neighbour who will take care of it. The overall quality of the whole is average / good, in the sense that it's easy to see that it is translated by French people and not written by Anglophones. But now we're going to turn the problem upside-down. On the English site, a banner invites readers to participate in correcting mistakes and unfortunate wording. It is up to them to continue the work now... ;)

The other new feature is related to the email sending internals. As some people know, there has always been a problem with Microsoft servers. If you have an hotmail, outlook, or live email address, you may not receive the emails sent by the site. They are refused by Microsoft because of the sender's IP address being blacklisted. This is due to the fact that I use a third party service for sending and it shares IP addresses between several users. So I am suffering from the bad behaviour of some of them. Having a private IP means a cost out of reach for me, and therefore nothing I could do. I tried another third-party service: same result. But today, I want to try using Amazon's services. Not that I take great pride in them, but if they are my only hope, I will have to stay on the dark side (unless you change your email address). It was a lot of code to write so I hope not to make everything implode. Help me on this one by mentioning any strange phenomena. Thank you.

Finally, I reworked the presentation of the little game cards. With all the icons that can appear on it, I realized that the game name could completely disappear behind them, especially on phones. So I revised it for a more condensed and less "verbose" display.

What am I working on now? Surprise! Here's a taste of it. It is something I thought I would never do and I even said it quite firmly. But I listened to some of you and take not of your interests. If I don't, I feel we're going to miss something.

That said, see you soon for more news. Happy sharing!

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