Collaborative translation of the site into English


I think it is time to think about offering Coludik to the English-speaking world, on the one hand because here in Quebec, where this project was born, we are directly concerned and on the other hand because there is also, in the rest of the world, so many games which just wait to be shared. An entirely new community will also bring a new enthusiasm for the platform and this must not be overlooked.

But the task is huge because the amount of text is far from negligible. My level of English is also not up to par. So I need people who are doing very well in Shakespeare's language and I would like to launch a collective initiative. I will indicate here the links of the pages to be translated as I collect the texts:

For each other page, I will update this article and post a short message directly on Coludik since the notification center now allows this.

Can you help? Or do you know people who can give a little bit of their time for this good cause? Everyone can translate even one block, so the time required can be very short. And feel free to sign with your username+city if you would like to be added to a list of generous volunteers. Finally, if you would like to participate even more actively by handling a larger batch of text, please contact me directly.

Thank you in advance.

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