December news on Coludik


As I had announced it on Facebook, December was supposed to be a month with no big developments, so I put my energy into optimizations and lots of little TODOS left all over the existing code. But after a few days, I already had the desire to add missing features or to fix the ones that were a bit flawed. So I developed the 3 following points (sorry for the screenshots in french):

  1. Discussions tab

With the Gaming Partner option, you can be contacted on your profile and you can initiate the dialogue with other users. That makes potentialy lots of discussions. Apart from notifications of new replies from your contacts, there was no direct way to find out who you were talking to. So I've added a new tab in your dashboard dedicated to all the conversations you have in progress. Each item in the list includes the user you're talking to as well as a possible unread answer. They are sorted by date.

  1. Notifications of shouts

Seeing shouts clearly visible on the map is good. But you're not always zoomed out and it's easy to miss them. Never mind, the shouts now appear in your notification center. This is an option (enabled by default) that you can set in your preferences. The radius of interest in km is the one already in place to be kept informed of new users and games.

  1. ** More shouts**

The shouts are relatively new and I had thought that the map should not be covered too quickly. It was taking the problem upside down. It's better to give you more freedom and see where it goes, rather than tightening the screw with too strict constraints (only 1 shout per 7 days). So I relaxed the whole thing. It is you who can choose an expiration date for your shout (up to 2 months) and you can throw 3 of them. I think that this gives you enough room for your inspiration of the moment. It will be easy now to announce organized games at home while talking in another shout about a sought-after game or a goodie you offer.

On all this, feel free to send me your thoughts. In the meantime, as Christmas is approaching, I wish you all a happy holiday season. I hope you will be able to borrow several games and add to your current shares those you may have received as gifts. *** Translated with (free version) ***

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