The "Gaming Partner" makes its debut on Coludik


Not long ago I mentioned that I would not develop such a feature because others already do. Indeed, many sites can be used to search for gaming partners such as forums (ludovox, trictrac, cwowd, boardgamegeek, ...), local or well-known facebook groups, or specialized platforms (myludo, megalithe). Yes, but here we are, some of you are asking me for such a feature integrated into Coludik, and for my part I feel like I am missing something. And it makes a lot of sense: Coludik has a strong philosophy of sharing; why only talk about sharing board games when we can also include sharing the good times spent between players?

So I introduce you to the " Gaming Partner ", a way to say that you are open to meet other members for gaming. Nothing revolutionary here and it was not very difficult to add to the platform because everything was already there: you (the players), the map to geolocate all this little community, the games you share, and even an existing chat widget that you used to use until now to prepare a loan. All that was missing was the way to contact another member, freely outside of a loan, and that's what you can do today.

How does it work? Quite simple. You will find[a new tab] (http://localhost/Coludik.Web/fr/platform/settings/profile) in your preferences. If you are looking for other players, fill in your profile (which is ultimately just a text box) to explain to others who you are and what you are looking for (for example, that you like heavy games and that you are looking for a partner with time to get involved with you). Check the box "I am a gaming partner" and, as an option, also indicate other ways to find yourself on the net.

From there, two things change in the way you appear to the outside world. Your avatar on the map now shows the icon for this feature. It is therefore very easy to spot who is available in your neighbourhood.

In addition, your public user page, which used to only show your games and the map, now shows your games and profile, plus a chat area. Any member who visits your page will be able to start a conversation with you and you will receive, as usual, an email and a notification on the site itself. In addition, icons will appear on the users to the left of the map to remind you instantly those with whom you are having discussions.

If this feature is not for you, your profile will be displayed without the discussion box. It is therefore always possible for you to write who you are, the games you like, the ones you are looking for, etc.

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