New notification center


Getting email notifications is good, especially in important cases such as member discussions. When someone leaves a message, as on any app or discussion platform, you need to be notified to come back quickly and keep up the pace. It's also good when you are a Coludik support subscriber and you like to know when a new user has just registered.

But all this was only the beginning because, as the only developer on this project, I have to move forward step by step. In the current state of the site, it is obvious that it lacks a certain dynamism. When visiting the site, we see people and games, but it is more difficult to perceive activity and to feel involved in a whole in movement. The small panel at the bottom of the home page is there to compensate for this feeling, though. You can see who registered last and with how many games. Notification emails are also there to remind you that things are happening. But, again, it's a little mechanical for my taste. In order to improve things, I am launching today a notification centre available to everyone that will allow you to stay informed much more than just for discussions. I had first thought of publishing this feature only with the latter and then gradually enriching it, but after working a little longer, here it is with more content.

The notification center is first of all a small icon placed in the menu bar at the top. As soon as any message is available, you will see a small red counter. Click it and a panel slides with all the current notifications (if you are on the homepage or in the blog, you will be redirected to the platform itself). These notifications are of several types and use a color code. It is possible to filter by type, delete one or even all of them at once. Together, they tell a little bit of the story of what surrounds you and will give you, in addition to information about the activity, a better idea of how the platform is evolving in your area. I hope that this will also give you the desire to visit the site regularly knowing that you can easily pick up where you left off.

Here is the information you will find there:

  • Blue: another user has left you a message on a game page (yours or his). The notification is here to ask you to answer quickly.
  • Yellow: a new user has registered near you (the radius is defined in your preferences). Although the notification email is reserved for supporters, the information is visible here for everyone.
  • Green: there are one or more new games shared by a user.
  • Red: Coludik has some new information for you, whether it's a new article in the blog or a simple note I want to send you (to all or just to you).

This feature is ambitious and not insignificant on the system's resources. Go take a look at it. I put a floor date 1 month earlier than your next login date, so you may see some notifications that would have made sense a little earlier. What do you think? What else would you like to see in it? Leave me your comments here or on the associated facebook post.

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